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Sock dog noses and ears - simple ways to change your breed of dog

When you are making a sock dog, it can be very easy to change how your mutt looks with a few simple adjustments to the nose and ears.  First we see the sock mutt as in the original pattern.   Here the first half of the nose is sewn straight down....

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About Miss Liz

Miss Liz

About Miss Liz

Growing up in a crafty family - with my nan knitting countless themed jumpers and my mum teaching every imaginable needlecraft going - I guess it is hardly a mystery that I picked up a thing or two about making.  What I did find surprising was that everyone else didn't sew and stick and craft their way through life too.  Ok, so maybe I have a twee, rose-tinted view and a 'have a go' attitude, but I always think "Hmmm... I could make that?"

So - my mission is to encourage people to discover their own love of crafting, have a go and learn new skills (or enjoy using the ones they have) with interesting projects.  Make-It-Yourself Kits are ideal gifts, as they are fun, interactive, and you get your own unique creation at the end!


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